The path to a successful career in networking (including specializations, like security) begins with the desire and drive to learn and question and experiment independently. The evolution from fascination or hobby to profession requires a solid foundation, best acquired through formalized instruction, while one continues to investigate and practice. The chosen form of education should be comprehensive, not limited to vendor certifications. Ultimately one would then combine their newfound knowledge with genuine hands-on exposure under the guidance of experienced mentors, who can explain confusing concepts, teach proper protocols and correct one’s faulty assumptions and approach. Neglecting any of these aspects of learning often result in gaps of knowledge and process, what we refer to as “Swiss cheese knowledge”. These deficiencies make it more difficult to troubleshoot issues efficiently or build effective solutions.

Our view is that a carefully designed apprenticeship should fill any holes in one’s knowledge, process and behavior and help build a foundation that will last throughout a long career in technology.

What should one expect from an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship generally lasts 3 months, possibly more depending on the individual circumstances. An apprentice will be expected to participate in Consul-vation’s daily operations, performing specific roles under the observation and guidance of mentors. After a few weeks of assessment, a custom learning plan will be constructed with specific goals tailored to the needs of the individual. Those goals will be the basis for determining achievement in the program and readiness for possible future positions.

What will an apprentice be doing?

The daily activities that make up an IT consulting company range from providing end-user support to designing solutions that solve business problems. An apprentice can expect to have exposure to 1st level support work, configuring PCs and other devices, working within a project team, installing software and hardware, reading and learning relevant technology, and maintenance of business network infrastructures. The level of responsibility an apprentice acquires will be based on their experience and knowledge as it relates to the specific tasks, and the earned confidence from the team. Regardless of which tasks are ultimately assigned, the apprentice will become acquainted with all aspects of the business.

What is an apprentice’s work schedule?

Our normal hours are 8:30a to 6:30p, Monday thru Friday with a rotating schedule for off-hours support. The apprentice will only be required to work from 9:00a to 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday.

Will an apprentice be guaranteed a full-time position with Consul-vation?

While a successfully completed apprenticeship often leads to a permanent place on our team, we do not guarantee this will be the case for every candidate.

When is someone ready for an apprenticeship?

A Consul-vation apprenticeship is not for the novice or hobbyist, it is for someone passionate about a professional career in technology. A formal education, whether from a university, technology trade school, or training program will be required. If this is not possible, then some demonstration of equivalent formal training will be needed. An ideal candidate will have prior experience either in an entry level role or internship of a technology company or customer service experience in a professional services environment.

How are the stipend and completion bonus determined?

In addition to the resources we make available for an apprentice’s learning, a stipend is offered in order to cover the apprentice’s expenses associated with meals, travel and study. The stipend is not meant to serve as a salary, nor is the bonus, which is awarded upon completion of a successful apprenticeship, regardless of whether the candidate is offered a permanent position with Consul-vation.

Why does Consul-vation offer this?

While we are constantly looking for solid, passionate and dedicated engineers at all levels to augment our team, we also feel a responsibility to augment our technology community. Collectively, we have a tremendous amount of experience in the industry that we are willing to invest in the right candidates. In return, we demand the highest work ethic, and a drive to learn, excel and move ahead–which is exactly what we expect from ourselves.