Whether rolling out a brand new infrastructure or integrating new and enhanced functionality to an existing system, Consul-vation recognizes the factors, that at each stage may inhibit a flawless implementation. Based on our experience, we’ve developed best practices to ensure customer satisfaction, by achieving the goal of an optimized system with minimal risk of down time and productivity loss during delivery.

Throughout discovery and assessment, thorough attention is paid to identifying the specific objectives of the engagement, as well as the possible challenges posed by existing infrastructure (hardware and software), users (local and remote), and your specific business practices. A design is then developed to meet those immediate needs and challenges, always taking into consideration the future needs of the infrastructure for growth and expansion. Finally we safeguard the integrity of the live, functioning system, delivering a solution that is on time, on budget and on spec.

While our processes are scalable, customized to the scope and size of each project, our methodology is instinctively followed regardless of complexity to provide structure, efficiency, and to most importantly ensure the highest quality of service.