Security is not just about putting a firewall on your network, it truly starts with your business policies. Defining what is available, who should have access to it and how, determines your company’s risk.Threats come from many places: malicious hackers, malware, spyware, e-mail, and whether intentional or not–an organization’s own employees. Small businesses are not exempt. A well defined policy is critical. It becomes the core of what enforcement measures are put in place, based on the amount of risk a company is willing to assume and what losses it is willing to incur. The best way to protect your business is to be prepared for the inevitable, rather than hoping that it won’t happen to you.
By first understanding your company’s objectives and tolerance for risk, we will evaluate your environment, help you devise a custom security policy, and recommend the appropriate technology to enforce it.Our experience in networking, software development, cloud computing, and virtualization, gives us the insight needed to help you mitigate your security risks and maintain a strong, secure foundation from hardware to applications.

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