Mobile is mainstream. Almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet, and companies now leverage this not only by using native apps to allow workers to be mobile, but to access tons of data about customers, vendors, trends, etc. While this creates unprecedented efficiencies, opportunities, convenience and cost savings, it also creates an IT nightmare.On the upside is the ability to have employees untethered to a workspace, enhancing productivity and collaboration opportunities. It allows them to work anywhere, at anytime. They can now access customer or vendor data while visiting them, enter an order or even collect a payment at the client site.

However, without proper policies in place, businesses open themselves up to a host of security issues, data leakage and even possible liability. Without controls in place, an organization cannot determine what data goes in and out, or how–a disgruntled employee can just walk away with an entire CRM database on their phone.

Mitigating these dangers requires the creation of a company-wide BYOD (bring your own device) policy, which is enforced with the help of technology tools. These solutions generally work alongside existing infrastructure and security regimens, and need to be able to manage the entire environment, including the devices that are not owned by the company.

Consul-vation can integrate infrastructure, security and application solutions into a comprehensive mobile plan allowing for even the most complex company wide apps that integrate with existing databases and systems, all while keeping data secure. The time to leverage your mobile opportunities is now.

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