Workshop #4: Introduction to Routing

Members and mentors invited to an IT Community Workshop – Industry Professionals Only.

Following the success of our first series of intensive IT Community Workshops, Consul-vation will be sponsoring Workshop #4: Introduction to Routing.


For 3 hours on a Thursday evening, we will go over a basic lesson in routing and routing protocols and then break up into teams and focus on trying different routing methods. We will provide the router simulation environment.


Over the last few years of interviewing potential team members, we have noticed a considerable gap in both the basic knowledge and skills required to build a solid foundation in network design and support. It is our intention to help counter this so that current and aspiring engineers can reach their full potential in this industry.

Our Mission:

For a long while we have wanted to provide an environment where passionate IT professionals could come together to hone their skills, work as a team with bleeding edge technology, and get the type of real hands-on experience with networks that, for whatever reason, their day jobs didn’t allow for. Our space can now properly facilitate this and we are excited to make it happen. We will supply the equipment, the space, and the structure–you supply the brains, heart, creativity and talent. We invite you to join us to help grow this community.


Summer 2017


Consul-vation, Inc. offices in Great Neck, NY.


Members will have a minimum of 2 years of full time IT experience and/or a computer science related degree. Mentors will have at least 5 years experience and a computer science related degree (or commensurate experience).


Apply Here (Coming Shortly)