A solid network is only as good as its uptime. To insure this Consul-vation provides affordable remote monitoring and management services to proactively manage your network, and provide immediate problem mitigation in the case of unusual events in your network.

Secure 24x7x365 Monitoring
When Consul-vation monitors your systems, we establish a constant secure connection between our network of polling and logging servers and your network. For larger infrastructures, we can deploy on-site collection devices to ease bandwidth utilization and costs. Our connection to you is secured by an encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network). All traffic between our networks is authenticated and verified to make sure data is not intercepted or altered. This level of security also provides a shield against malicious hackers who wish to learn about your network through monitoring traffic.

Our methodical approach to monitoring your critical network devices and software does not interfere with your business, it flows within it. The process scales to your needs, only addressing the elements that matter.

Response and Mitigation
Monitoring provides an infrastructure to alert when something could be wrong, so that the problem can be quickly identified and resolved. When we receive an alert, we follow our own internal procedures as well as the custom response and notification plan developed during deployment. Consul-vation can respond and fix the problem entirely, or work with your own IT staff. Alternatively, we can simply notify your designated staff and you can take it from there. The response plan is built to integrate into your existing processes, not interfere with them.

Building a solid network is one part of having a reliable infrastructure, monitoring and maintaining it 24×7 makes it possible to curb catastrophic problems before they happen. This applies to networks of all sizes.

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